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A collection of photographs from all over the United States and Canada, featuring the best locations for climbing, tourism and mountaineering. These photos were intended to be resources to help members of the AAC plan their trips. Now they serve as a historical record of some of the most iconic locations in North America.


circa 1900 to 1930

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Canadian Alpine Club annual meeting at O'Hara Camp. Aug. 4, 1909.
Members of the Canadian Alpine Club standing among tents, with mountains in the background.

Canadian Alpine Club
Fifty or so men and women of the Canadian Alpine Club sit on fallen trees around a campfire. Tents and forest in the background.

Canadian Alpine Club descending Yoho Glacier.
Eight people with packs and alpenstock descend a glacier.

Canadian Alpine Club crossing Waputek ice field.
Roughly thirty people crossing an icefield with alpenstock and packs.

Canadian Alpine Club.
About fifteen people with packs and alpenstock with mountains in background.

Canadian Alpine Club. Crossing the Daly Icefield Yoho expedition 1909
A line of 27 men and women walking across an icefield with packs and alpenstock.

Canadian Alpine Club ascending Yoho Glacier
A line of ten people with packs and alpenstock ascending a glacier.

Maligne Gorge, Jasper Nat. Park
A narrow waterfall cascades over rocks.

Crows Foot Glacier and foot of Bow Lake.
A glacier sits on the side of a mountain, in the foreground is a lake.

Stoney Creek Bridge, canadian Pacific R. R.
A train goes over a mountain bridge.
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