New Hampshire 1900 to 1930


New Hampshire 1900 to 1930

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Mountain Views - The American Alpine Club's first photo collection


circa 1900 to 1930


New Hampshire, 1900 to 1930


White Mountains
New Hampshire
Crawford Notch
Mount Washington
Mount Adams
Mount Madison
Crescent Range
Mount Jefferson




American Alpine Club Library


LeRoy Jeffires

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Mt. Washington showing Summit House, Mts. Adams and Madison in distnace.
A view of Mount Washington with a structure on the left hand side of the summit. In the background, two other peaks, Mount Adams and Mount Madison.

Dixville Notch looking South.
A wooded valley with a road in the bottom.

Dixville Notch looking North
A wooded valley with a body of water in the bottom and smoke over a distant hill.

Mt. Washington showing Great Gulf (left).
A view of Mount Washington from above

Looking north from Mt. Washington showing Gulf of Slides.
The view North from atop Mount Washington, clouds below.

Looking down Crawford Notch.
View of a wooded valley from above, a road in the bottom of the valley.

Franconia Notch, White Mts.
A wooded valley and hills, a lake in the middle of the frame.

White Mountains. Gateway to King Ravine, Mt. Adams.
A granite cliff with a mountain slope in the background.

White Mountains. Cone of Mt. Madison from Gateway to King Ravine.
Mount Madison and a small structure at the base.

White Mountains. In King Ravine, Mt. Adams
A boulder pile with wooded hills in the background.
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