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Hiking Colorado

Author(s): Gaug, Maryann

The Falcon Guide - Hiking Colorado is an indispensable tool for anyone contemplating a hike in Colorado. Experience 50 of the best hikes in Colorado. This book includes detailed shaded relief maps, GPS waypoint coordinates for each hike, accurate route profiles showing the ups and downs of each hike, tips on equipment, trip planning, and hiking with dogs and children, accurate directions, difficulty ratings, trail contacts, and more.Difficulty ratings.Local info on restaurants, contacts, accommodations, where dogs are allowed and more. (From Amazon)




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100 Classic Hikes in Colorado

Author(s): Warren, Scott S

Find yourself hiking under the Rattlesnake Arches or beside ancient rock art at Picture Canyon. Wander through Aspen glades to Quartz Lake or to mountaintop views from the Lizard Head Trail. Here are the best trails in Colorado, selected from all over the state - from the towering Rockies to the shortgrass prairies of the Great Plains to the slickrock canyons and mesas of the Colorado Plateau. (From Amazon)




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The best Front Range hikes

Author(s): Colorado Mountain Club Foundation

The Front Range of the Colorado Rockies rises abruptly from the plains in a 150-mile stretch of foothills, rounded summits, and jagged peaks between Fort Collins and Colorado Springs.
The hikes in this book were selected by members of four major groups of The Colorado Mountain Club in an occasionally contentious process. After some heated arguments, quiet horse trading, and uproarious laughter, members decided on their favorites-so these really are the best hikes in the Front Range.
Each description starts with some basic information about the hike, followed by comments on the hike by the writer/photographer, directions to the trailhead, and a complete route description, including pictures from the route and a color map of the trail. (From Amazon)



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50 hikes in Colorado : the Front Range, the Central Mountains, the San Juans, and the Western Canyons

Author(s): Burns, Cameron

Colorado provides unparalleled hiking opportunities, with 54 peaks over 14,000 feet offering sweeping vistas, rocky summits, and alpine tundra. On the western side of the Rocky Mountains, the land drops down into a labyrinth of sandstone canyons and sprawling, desert mesas. Outdoor writer and photographer Cameron Burns has selected 50 of the best hikes in the state for this guide.

Some climb high peaks, such as the Twin Lakes Trail up Mount Elbert; some visit secluded alpine lakes; some, like Pictograph Point, lead you to archeological treasures; while others, like the Great Dune hike at Sand Dunes National Monumentare classic travel destinations. The hikes range in length from 1 to 15 miles. Each hike description includes a topographic map, mile-by-mile directions, and information on distance, difficulty, terrain, and hiking time. An overview chart makes it easy to pick a hike for every ability. 50 black-and-white photographs, 51 maps. (From Amazon)


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The Best Denver hikes

Author(s): The Denver Group of the Colorado Mountain Club

Thirty of the best Denver hikes--from city walks to state park hikes to difficult mountain treks--all within a hour of town.

Denver sits next to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and some of the best hiking and snowshoeing in the world. Denver also has one of the finest urban trail systems in the country, laid out much like those of many towns in Europe, with both urban and mountain trail systems. Start downtown with an excellent wheelchair-accessible loop around some city highlights, head for a fine stroll along historic Highline Canal, or venture into numerous state parks to enjoy a bit more solitude. And when you are experienced enough and up for an adventure, tackle some of the finest treks up nearby mountains in the Front Range. The Best Denver Hikes covers all levels of trails and includes tips for enjoying Denver-area trails all year long. (From Amazon)


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The Best Boulder Hikes

Author(s): Colorado Mountain Club. Boulder Group

The twenty best trails in and around the town that is the center of the known world for outdoor recreation

It's true. If you don't hike, climb, ride, ski, or at least run--the Boulder locals will drive you nuts with stories of the coolest route, the gnarliest climb, or the hardest all-day ride to Grand Lake and back. Here is how you can take your revenge. Hike some of the trails in The Best Boulder Hikes and you can be right in there with them, telling tales of great routes. For visitors and locals, casual walkers and hard-core mountaineers, Boulder has arguably the best "backyard" in the country. More than 60 named trails lie in the foothills within a half-hour of town, and scores of more high-altitude trails are within an hour's drive. (From Amazon)


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The best Grand Junction hikes

Author(s): Western Slope Group of the Colorado Mountain Club

The Best Grand Junction Hikes will take you from atop the world's largest flattop mesa to the depths of Black Canyon National Park of the Gunnison. With this handy Pack Guide you will explore "dinosaur digs" and petroglyphs, or hike beside the mesmerizing 500-foot-tall redrock monoliths in the Colorado National Monument or in the foothills of the La Sal Mountains in eastern Utah. You can stroll along the banks of the Colorado River or hike almost 2,000 vertical feet to the top of Mt. Garfield with the trailhead located just a few feet from Interstate 70 Most of the hikes can be done every month of the year.

Each trail description inclues a map reference, elevation gain (or loss), a difficulty rating for the route, round-trip distance, and estimated time to complete the hike. (From Amazon)



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The Best Telluride Hikes

Author(s): Martinez, Rod

The Best Telluride Hikes continues the series of best-selling pack guides published by Colorado Mountain Club Press since 2008. The trails range from the scenic and wheelchair-accessible Idarado Legacy Trail, at the east end of town, which provides a window into Telluride’s past with its educative plaques that line the paved path, to the challenging Bilk Creek Basin Trail, southwest of town, in the Lizard Head Wilderness, which is known for its picturesque waterfalls.

All of the hikes in this fit-in-your-pocket guide are within an hour or so drive of Telluride, not only giving the hiker options in and around town but also close to other prominent towns in the northern San Juans, such as Ouray—known as the Switzerland of America. Each hike offers a glimpse into what many consider the most beautiful part of Colorado, taking you to the base of the incomparable rock spire Lizard Head (perhaps the most difficult summit to ascend in Colorado), to Bridal Veil Falls, Colorado’s tallest free falling waterfall, cascading 365 feet to the base of the box canyon below. (From Amazon)


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Best Vail Valley Hikes

Author(s): The Colorado Mountain Club

The Vail Valley is the home of great downhill skiing, but it has also become a year-round playground for trail running, golf, cycling, tennis, fly fishing, hiking, and snowshoeing.

As part of the Colorado Mountain Club's best-selling Pack Guide series, The Best Vail Valley Hikes and Snowshoe Routes explores the more popular and some of the lesser known hiking and snowshoe routes in the valley. Most trailheads are within an hour's drive of the Vail Valley and its namesake ski area. From the mysteriously enchanting Gore Range to the evocative Holy Cross Ridge, and beyond, these hikes represent the best of what the Vail Valley can offer the hiker and snowshoer. (From Amazon)


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Hiking Colorado's summits : a guide to exploring the county highpoints

Author(s): Mitchler, John Drew

Lace up your boots and head out for the hiking adventure of your life. From 14,433-foot Mount Elbert to 4,120-foot County Line Rise near Sterling, the highpoints of Colorado's counties span an incredible range of elevations. Hiking Colorado's Summits provides the information you need to find and climb all of the state's county highpoints as well as experience the high rocky ridges, wide open plains, spectacular deserts, and bustling urban environments of this beautiful state. Let veteran hikers and avid highpointers David Covill and John Drew Mitchler show you the top of this beautiful state.Inside you'll find: up-to-date trail and access information; maps, photos, and elevations profiles; helpful charts that provide highlights and difficulty ratings; background information on the summits and counties; easy-to-follow directions to the trailheads and beyond.Whether you are a day-tripper or long-distance hiker, old hand or novice, you'll find trails suited to every ability and interest on Colorado's summits. (6 x 9, 312 pages, b&w photos, maps, charts) (From Amazon)


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The Colorado 14ers

Author(s): Colorado Mountain Club Foundation

n this portable book format, each description includes clear, concise directions for driving to the trailhead, where to park, a route description, a map of the route, difficulty rating, elevation gain, round-trip distance, estimated time to the summit and back, the nearest town, and the name and number of the agency responsible for the trail. As the most up-to-date book available, The Colorado 14ers covers all access issues (as of this writing in 2010, one 14er is closed to climbers and one has limited access and a fee).

All the routes have been approved by the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative (CFI) or the responsible agency, be that the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, or the National Park Service. The CFI is a non-profit that has built or rebuilt 23 of these routes and seeks to educate all 14er climbers about protecting and conserving mountain routes. (From Amazon)


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The Colorado 14ers : the standard routes

Author(s): Colorado Mountain Club Foundation

There are fifty-four peaks in Colorado that rise above 14,000 feet. Climbing 14ers has become a favorite activity of locals as well as climbers from all over North America. In fact, more than half a million climbers attempt at least one Colorado 14er per year.

Organized by mountain range, The Colorado 14ers is a basic guidebook written in clear, concise, non-technical language with a certain amount of wit. This new edition includes notes by historian Walt Borneman on how each peak was named and who made the first ascent. The photos for this edition are by Todd Caudle, whose work has been featured in the Colorado Fourteeners calendar for the last ten years. Each route description includes precise directions for driving to the trailhead and tips on where to park, in addition to the route description itself.(From Amazon)



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The mountain biker's guide to Colorado

Author(s): Hickstein, Daniel

Thousands of miles of world-class trails and jaw-dropping scenery make Colorado a mountain biking paradise. With coverage of all the best rides in the state - from crazy descents of jagged peaks to quick afternoon rides for the whole family - The Mountain Biker's Guide to Colorado makes it easy to plan your next trip. Full-color photos, detailed maps, elevation profiles, and turn-by-turn directions mean less time lost in the woods and more time riding. Consistent technical and physical difficulty ratings let you choose the perfect ride, from a gentle Sunday cruise to an all-day epic. For before and after the ride, the book also includes tips on local camping, hotels, and restaurants. (From Amazon)