Arizona 1900 to 1930

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Arizona 1900 to 1930


Exploration & discovery
Canyon de Chelly National Monument (Ariz.)
Grand Canyon (Ariz.)
Muerto, Canyon del (Apache County, Ariz.)
Marble Canyon National Monument (Ariz.)
Casa Grande Ruins National Monument (Ariz.)
Petrified Forest National Park (Ariz.)
Painted Desert (Ariz.)
Monument Valley (Ariz. and Utah)


Photos of Canyon de Chelly, Monument Valley, Canyon del Muerto, Casa Grande, Petrified Forest, Grand Canyon, Marble Canyon, Painted Desert taken between 1900 and 1930. These photos were collected starting in 1916 by LeRoy Jeffers, the first Librarian at the American Alpine Club Library and include photographs donated and purchased from the U.S.G.S, Western rail road companies, surveyors, members or the American Alpine Club and other exploration and mountaineering organizations.


Arizona circa 1900 to 1930






The American Alpine Club

Alternative Title

Mountain Views - The American Alpine Club's first photo collection


LeRoy Jeffries


circa 1900 to 1930


Print, Photographic, Card-mounted

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En route to Navajo Canyon
Five horses and at least one human cross over the top of a sandstone ridge in partial silhouette.

Mummy Cave Ruins, Canyon del Muerto
Anasazi ruins in a cliff-face

Mummy Cave Ruins, Canyon del Muerto
A man stands in front of cliff ruins, at the edge of a precipice.

Inner Gorge, grand canyon. Kaibab Suspension Bridge, 420 ft. long, 60 ft. above river.
A photograph of the Kaibab Suspension Bridge stretching across the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. Two people stand on the bridge.

Waterworn limestone of walls 1 mile below mouth of Little Colorado
A man lays in a crevasse in a limestone rock wall formation. The formation has holes below where the man is laying.

Downstream from left bank 6 miles below Havasu Creek
One man steers a small boat while another sits on the shores of the river, canyon walls in background.

Havasu Creek, 6 ft. wide at mouth, with the boat "Boulder" on the Colorado River.
Photographed through narrow canyon walls, a small boat approaches the mouth of a creek where it joins the Colorado River.

The Temple, 83.7 miles below Diamon Creek, and 12.8 miles above Virgin River
A shirtless man in a white hat or helmet stands looking at a tall geological rock formation

Lunch of a narrow margin 26.1 miles below Diamon Creek
Six men eat lunch from a large container while sitting on rocks on the shore of the river. A small boat named the Boulder floats nearby.

grand canyon: The Altar at Altar of Ribbon Falls, Bright Angel Creek, 4 miles up from Phantom Ranch.
A tent is pitched on the floor of a canyon, a tall, narrow waterfall in the background. Three horses are clustered together near the tent and two men watch from below as a third climbs a rock near the falls.
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