South Dakota and Idaho 1900 to 1930


South Dakota and Idaho 1900 to 1930

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Mountain Views - The American Alpine Club's first photo collection


circa 1900 to 1930


Idaho, 1900 to 1930
South Dakota, 1900 to 1930


Twin Falls (Idaho)
Badlands National Park (S.D.)
Wind Cave (S.D.)
Wind Cave National Park (S.D.)




American Alpine Club Library


LeRoy Jeffries

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Balanced Rock, Twin Falls.
A man leaning against a balanced rock formation writes in a journal.

Wind Cave near Hot Springs
Moss-like rock formations on cave wall.

Ceiling in Wind Cave, near Hot Springs
Intricate rock formations on cave ceiling.

Big Bad Lands
A man in shirtsleeves and a mustache stands near a natural stone bridge.

Big Bad Lands
A valley of rock formations. Far away, on a distant hill is a wagon with horses and driver.
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