Canada 1900 to 1930


Canada 1900 to 1930


Canada, 1900 to 1930




American Alpine Club Library

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Mountain Views - The American Alpine Club's first photo collection


LeRoy Jeffries


circa 1900 to 1930

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Black Friars and Mt. Quincy from Athabasca.
Snow covered mountains and a reflective lake in the foreground.

South peak of Mt. Odaray. O'Hara Camp of Canadian Alpine Club.
A collection of five white tents with campfire smoke and laundry hung to dry. In the background Mt. Odaray.

Chaba Peak from Fortune Lake.
Two horses and a man stand on the shore of a lake, mountains in the background.

Illecillewaet Glacier in winter.
Snowy glacier with trees and peaks in the background.

Horse Thief Glacier at head of Horse Thief Creek
A glacier curves between two mountains, snowy peaks in the background.

Lake Windermere, Wilmer-Athalmer.
A lake with a small town on the shore.

Stoney Creek Bridge, canadian Pacific R. R.
A train goes over a mountain bridge.

Crows Foot Glacier and foot of Bow Lake.
A glacier sits on the side of a mountain, in the foreground is a lake.

Maligne Gorge, Jasper Nat. Park
A narrow waterfall cascades over rocks.

Canadian Alpine Club ascending Yoho Glacier
A line of ten people with packs and alpenstock ascending a glacier.
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