Colorado 1900 to 1930


Colorado 1900 to 1930

Alternative Title

Mountain Views - The American Alpine Club's first photo collection


circa 1900 to 1930


Colorado, 1900 to 1930


Exploration and discovery
Rocky Mountain National Park
Longs Peak
Colorado Mountain Club
Continental Divide
Pike's Peak
San Juan Mountains
Garden of the Gods




Print, Photographic, Card-mounted


P1. CO1


LeRoy Jeffries

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Longs Peak from Estes Park
A tall pine tree in the foreground with a view of Long's Peak in the background.

South of St. Vrain Canyon Rocky Mt. Nat. Park.
Photograph of a road through a small river gorge. A car with four or five people in and near it. A woman stands on a rock overlooking a river.

Timberline cabin, Longs Peak trail 11,050 ft. Longs Peak to right.
Photograph of a cabin on a slope with large logs stacked on one side of it. A man in a coat and a hat stands on the porch of the cabin with a horse nearby. Longs Peak is in the background.

Loch Vale Lake Rocky Mt. Nat. Park.
Photograph of a large lake with two tall pine trees in the foreground. High peaks in the background.

Sunset on Fall River in Horseshoe Park, Rocky Mt. Nat. Park
Photograph of sunset on a river with mountains in the background.

Glacier Gorge, Pagoda on left, Rocky Mt. Nat. Park.
Photograph of the wall of a gorge with trees growing on the slope in the foreground. A man stands on the slope, gesturing with arms wide to a woman sitting near him. Mountains in the background.

Pine, Rocky Mt.Nat. Pk.
Photograph of a small pine tree at the top of a ridge, mountains in the background.

Andrews Glacier, Rocky Mt. Nat. Park.
A glacier between two small peaks, emptying into a glacial lake below.

Chasm Falls, Fall River road.
Photograph of a wooden bridge over the highest point of a waterfall.

The Chasm, Longs Peak.
The rocky slope of Long's Peak, part of a small lake in the bottom right.
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