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View up canyon with steep walls and plants in foreground.
Overview of canyon from rim with woman in foreground.
Portrait view of 5 people, top center, waving from overhang with American flag nearby. Canyon on left side, partially obscured by haze. Overhang in shadow. Cirrus clouds overhead.
Portrait view of 14 people standing on the precipice of The Overhang at Half Dome in upper center. Tenya Canyon appears in center and lower center.
View looking southwest toward Laurel Mountain and Bloody Mountain. Shows west end of Convict Lake with mountains and canyon in the background, trees and scrub in the foreground. Weak shadows. Clearly visible synclines and anticlines in theā€¦
Marble Canyon at mouth of Rock Creek. Walls 1000 ft. high. On right cliff are Kolb and Beam.
View from left bank at bridge site 3 miles below Paria River. Looking Downstream.
Grand Canyon from Navajo Point
Grand Canyon from El Tovar

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