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The Colorado River and Glenwood Springs on each bank.
An early automobile drives along a road at the bottom of Glenwood Canyon, tall rock walls on either side.
One man steers a small boat while another sits on the shores of the river, canyon walls in background.
A man stands on the shore of a river looking at the canyon walls
A rock overhang in the canyon wall over a beach on the shore of the Colorado River. A man stands on a sand bar near a small boat.
Four small boats are pulled up to the shore on the viewer's left of the Colorado River, the canyon walls rise all around.
View from left bank at bridge site 3 miles below Paria River. Looking Downstream.
A suspension bridge stretching over a river. The walls of the canyon in the background.
A view of a segment of a canyon with two humans visible in the foreground.
Two men examine a large balanced rock which looms above them to their left.
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