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A man in a blue parka holding a Pakistani flag tied to the shaft of an ice axe
A group of men on a raft floating in a river. One man in front holds up an improvised flag of black cloth
A man in a parka on a snowy slope or peak holding a OSC Mountain Club flag
A man in a parka, face obscured by the hood, on a snowy slope or peak holding a Pakistani flag tied to an ice axe
A man in goggles and parka, oxygen mask askew, holding a small United Nations flag on a stick.
Flags attached to the tops of tents, line strung between them, mountains in the background.

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A group of people sitting around a campfire near the mess tent, flags hanging overhead
Barry Corbet in sunglasses and parka, holding a National Geographic Society banner and an ice axe on the summit of Mount Tyree
Dick Wahlstrom and Eiichi Fukushima holding a banner reading National Geographic Society on the summit of Gardner
John Evans kneeling with two small flags stuck in the snow, the backkground obscured by blowing snow or fog
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