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Striking, high contrast view of half dome
A view down the Yosemite Valley - Half Dome and El Capitan visible.
Tenaya Canyon with North Dome, Royal Arches, and Half Dome visible.
The Yosemite Valley, and Half Dome, covered in snow.
Half Dome photographed from above.
View looking northeast at half dome. Annotation in lower right corner.
Classic view of Yosemite valley. Title inscribed bottom left. Copyright annotation bottom right.
Portrait view of Half Dome, partially obscured by fog and mist, in distance, center. Heavy snow coats objects in foreground. Also in foreground river with weak reflections of background objects. High contrast.
Half Dome, distant center, framed by trees and rock walls. Still water in river, foreground, reflects background objects. Snow covers rocks and trees.
View looking east with North Dome on left and Half Dome on right in background. Flowing river in foreground. Structure hidden in trees on left. Few cumulus clouds low in distance. Strong shadows. Haze.
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