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Heavy snow bends vegetation in the foreground. Mountains occupy the background.
A tall rock face rises above a high lake.
A photograph of a man with his back to the camera, standing on a ledge and holding on to the rock behind him as he leans forward to get a better view of the lake far below.
A photograph of Lizard's Head peak taken from a wooded slope, footprints in the snow leading away from the peak.
Half Dome, distant center, framed by trees and rock walls. Still water in river, foreground, reflects background objects. Snow covers rocks and trees.
Portrait view of Half Dome, partially obscured by fog and mist, in distance, center. Heavy snow coats objects in foreground. Also in foreground river with weak reflections of background objects. High contrast.
Snowy slope and trees, looking over the Grand Canyon.
A view of the Grand Canyon covered in a dusting of snow.
A man in a hat leading two pack horses by the reins through knee deep snow. Mountains in the background.
Two people glissading down a snowy slope.
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