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View across flower filled meadow toward hazy mountain ridge.
An unpaved road meanders between the massive trunks of old growth trees. Utility lines and a telephone pole soil the frame.
Partially backlit mountain in background with meadow of conifers and flowers in foreground.
Looking across pineapple field with buildings toward mountain slope.
View of rare plant on volcanic slope.
Man standing on tree root in dense forest.
Group of trees with intricate root systems.
A bright lake photographed from above and through trees.
A man and a woman on high ledge looking at Longs Peak from across the Chasm. The woman is in a light colored dress and sits on the ledge. The man is in a darker jacket and stands next to her.
Several men and women stand at the top of Flattop peak, looking at the view of the valley below. Longs Peak in the background.
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