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The South face of Mount Rainier in the background and a partially forested slope in the foreground
A rock with a large hole in one side
The Nisqually Glacier on the South side of Mount Rainier. The Rock of Gibralter visible on the left.
A tent with supplies and laundry surroundingit. Two people are standing near a table with a box or crate on it and two others are walking away from camp along a path.
A rock face covered in icicles on the left of the frame and on the right large glacial seracs
Glacial crevasse with icicles
Crevasses in the glacier on the summit of Rainier
Huge glacial seracs on the slope of Mount Rainier
Mount Rainier photographed from the South, the Rock of Gibraltor feature visible on its right side.
A group of fifteen men and women posing with staffs and in climbing clothing. Mount Rainier in the background.
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