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Heavily laden horses and mules traverse the pass in deep snow. Muleskinners accompany the animals. Bright cumulus clouds in the background.
Snow patches on the Toulumne Pass, a mountain range in the distance.
Two people, photographed from the back, climbing up a steep coulier.
Sentinel Rock and surrounding trees covered in snow and reflected in the river below.
The Yosemite Valley, and Half Dome, covered in snow.
Ice covered falls in background. Heavy snow in forest in foreground. High contrast.
Portrait view of Half Dome, partially obscured by fog and mist, in distance, center. Heavy snow coats objects in foreground. Also in foreground river with weak reflections of background objects. High contrast.
Half Dome, distant center, framed by trees and rock walls. Still water in river, foreground, reflects background objects. Snow covers rocks and trees.
A view of the Grand Canyon covered in a dusting of snow.
Snowy slope and trees, looking over the Grand Canyon.
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