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A photograph of several people standing on Andrews Glacier - the photo is taken from a distance so the humans are very small in the frame, the glacier dominating most of the photo. Rocky slopes rise on either side of it.
A photograph of seven people on the glacier, taken from a distance.
A mountain rises over a desert plane in the background, a large saguaro cactus in the foreground.
Lake in foreground; peak in background, both framed by conifers.
Dome fills most of the frame in the background. Forest floor in foreground with tall trees on both sides. Cirrus clouds above dome. Strong shadows. Foreground underexposed.
The rocky slopes of Banner Peak rising above a lake with many islands in it.
View of crevasse containing icicles.
A man and a woman posing in a bergschrund, the woman sitting on the snowy slope looking at the man, who is standing under an overhang, face obscured.
A rocky hillside and peak in the distance.
High contrast view looking across meadow towards mountain peaks.
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