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Porters and mountaineers cooking and eating on the side of a steep slope among tents pitched onrocks

A man with two packs sitting down near packs and plates of food spread out on the ground on rugs

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Plates of food laid out on rugs near a large red backpack

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Men organizing and unpacking supplies. In the background, shelves of food stocks

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Four men sitting in a field of rocks with cooking utensils and dishes, including Andrew James Gilmour smoking a pipe and wearing a hat with goggles on it.

Four men sitting in a field of rocks with cooking utensils and dishes

A man leaning on the door of a hut while two children and three women eat out of paper wrappers while sitting or standing in the snow.

Two men sitting near a campstove.

A man sitting on the ground and cooking on a camp stove consisting of a rectangular box with a drawer or door in one side and a very large stove pipe.

A man sitting on an improvised wooden stool just inside a canvas tent. He is caught mid bite, eating from a pan of food he holds in his lap.
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