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Men and women setting up camp in a field near a glacier

Mount Bonney in the background and several tents in the foreground

A photo of a man with a pack on his back, a cabin and a tent in the background

A man in a hat standing in front of a tent, trees in the background

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Three men standing in front of a tent and a fourth kneeling, possibly to adjust his boots.

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A man sleeping under a blanket or sleeping bag, pack and boots arranged near his head. In the background a river. Ice axes are driven into a tree above him, one with a piece of clothing hanging from it.

Two women and a horse standing in front of a peaked wooden frame, backs to the camera. In the background are tents and forest.

Mount Robson photographed from near the foot of Rearguard Mountain. In the lower left corner, a tent.

A man standing in front of a tent on a rocky slope. In the background cliff walls and snow

A photograph of people and tents or tarps in camp
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