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A man stands outside a canvas tent holding a rifle by the barrell with the butt against the ground. He is smoking a pipe.
Andrew James Gilmour standing outside a canvas tent with his hands resting on the barrel of a rifle with the butt on the ground.
A man sitting on an improvised wooden stool just inside a canvas tent. He is caught mid bite, eating from a pan of food he holds in his lap.
Two men sitting and talking at a picnic table. The dishes from their meal are on the table.

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Two men eating a meal together at a picnic table.

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A man sitting on the ground and cooking on a camp stove consisting of a rectangular box with a drawer or door in one side and a very large stove pipe.
Two men sitting near a campstove.
A camp site in the trees

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An improvised stretcher or cot made with cut tree branches and cloth.

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A photo of a man with a pack on his back, a cabin and a tent in the background
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