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The Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone in eruption
Andrew James Gilmour posing in front of Old Faithful in Yellowstone as it erupts behind him. In the background is a group of people watching from a bench with backs to the camera.
A train and the remains of a car on the tracks in front of it with a crowd of people gathered around.
The South face of Mount Rainier in the background and a partially forested slope in the foreground
A rock with a large hole in one side
The Nisqually Glacier on the South side of Mount Rainier. The Rock of Gibralter visible on the left.
A tent with supplies and laundry surroundingit. Two people are standing near a table with a box or crate on it and two others are walking away from camp along a path.
In the foreground, several people and cars parked on a hillside. Mount Rainier in the background.
A rock face covered in icicles on the left of the frame and on the right large glacial seracs
Glacial crevasse with icicles
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