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The Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone in eruption
Andrew James Gilmour posing in front of Old Faithful in Yellowstone as it erupts behind him. In the background is a group of people watching from a bench with backs to the camera.
A herd of bison stampeding toward the camera across a plain
A canyon photographed from across a small valley, through trees.
A river flowing between banks covered with protruding rock spires
A photograph up a canyon, rocky sides sloping down towards a river in the bottom. A stone pinnacle in the foreground.
Two people in a convertible driving on a dirt road along a river in the bottom of a canyon, rock walls rising on either side.
A road following the curving wall of a canyon, a bridge visible a bit farther up. On the right, a drop into the canyon.
A rock spire formation photographed against the sky, a man in a large hat in the foreground.
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