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A man standing next to a cairn, rope tied around his waist and holding an ice axe. Another ice axe leans against the cairn
Dick Wahlstrom holding his ice axe and standing on Mount Ostensio, the landscape below in the background
Dick Wahlstrom and John Evans climbing the ridge toward the summit
Barry Corbet in sunglasses and parka, holding a National Geographic Society banner and an ice axe on the summit of Mount Tyree
Dick Wahlstrom and Eiichi Fukushima holding a banner reading National Geographic Society on the summit of Gardner
John Evans kneeling with two small flags stuck in the snow, the backkground obscured by blowing snow or fog
Pete Schoening in snow suit, goggles and mittens holding up two pieces of cloth with writing on them
An ice axe wrapped with the National Geographic Society banner stuck in the snow with an American flag and flags of other countries - in the background Mounts Tyree and Shinn
John Evans and Pete Schoening on the summit of Mount Vincent holding a banner reading "National Geographic Society" and an American flag, other smaller flags are stuck in the snow at their feet
A group of men and women standing on the rocky summit of Copeland Mountain
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