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The Yosemite Valley, and Half Dome, covered in snow.
Pointed rock in background, stream in foreground after fresh snowfall. Stream reflects the background.
Ice covered falls in background. Heavy snow in forest in foreground. High contrast.
Snow patches on the Toulumne Pass, a mountain range in the distance.
Photograph of a man and a dog sitting on a rock near a pine tree, looking at the view.
Heavily laden horses and mules traverse the pass in deep snow. Muleskinners accompany the animals. Bright cumulus clouds in the background.
A group of women and men walking across a snowfield below rocky slopes.
Sentinel Rock and surrounding trees covered in snow and reflected in the river below.
Two evergreen trees in foreground frame the snow-covered mountain in the background. Orographic clouds occupy the valleys.
Mount Shasta from across a snowy valley with roads and buildings.
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