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Crisp view of Mt. Shasta with town in foreground.
View of town, taken from a hill, looking north toward mountains. Bright cumulus clouds grow behind mountains. Strong shadows.
City of Mill Valley occupies center of image. San Francisco Bay is in the distance. Mount Tamalpais and Muir Woods Railway appears in foreground with steam locomotive and passenger cars .
Two women sitting to the right of a railway track heading down a steep slope.
The Colorado River and Glenwood Springs on each bank.
School of Mines and part of the City of Golden, with Mount Zion and the M of School of Mines in the background.
The streets and buildings of Ouray, nestled in a valley between peaks, photographed from above.
The town of Ouray and surrounding peaks and cliffs.
Looking from ocean to island and volcanic slopes.
Looking down over eroded formation towards the sea.
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