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Three men in red parkas making their way up a steep, snow covered slope with ice axes and rope
An orange tent at the far right of the frame, very small against the peak
Three men in red, very small in the frame, climbing on the rocky ridges of Long Gables
Barry Corbet in sunglasses and parka, holding a National Geographic Society banner and an ice axe on the summit of Mount Tyree
Barry Corbet on a steep slope, rope leading toward the camera
Barry Corbet rock climbing a steep rock face on Mount Tyree, carrying a backpack and wearing crampons
Barry Corbet harnessed and strapped to a complicated rope set up, connected to a rock face in front of him - an ice axe placed in the snow
Pete Schoening photographed from above as he descends through rock and ice on Long Gables, two other men in the background also making their way down
Pete Schoening photographed from above as he looks over a ledge at the snow plain below
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