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A man in a red plaid shirt sitting on a rock facing away from the camera, supplies and ice axes next to him, looking at K2
Supplies, including an ice axe, a camp stove, a hobnail boot, a carton of instant coffee, a thermos and a backpack in the snow outside a tent, a snowy peak in the background
Two men on an icy hump standing with rope and packs with an ice axe stuck in the ice - partially silhouetted against a plain of snow in the distance
Two mountaineers in packs walking away from the camera along an icy hump, toward a large ridge in the distance
John Evans and Pete Schoening on the summit of Mount Vincent holding a banner reading "National Geographic Society" and an American flag, other smaller flags are stuck in the snow at their feet
Pete Schoening in snow suit, goggles and mittens holding up two pieces of cloth with writing on them
John Evans kneeling with two small flags stuck in the snow, the backkground obscured by blowing snow or fog
Pete Schoening cutting steps into the steep snow covered slope of the Gardner couloir with an ice axe
Bill Long in crampons and snow pants standing on a rock outcropping on Mount Gardner
Dick Wahlstrom in a large backpack trudging up the steep slope of the couloir, using his ice axe as a walking stick, photographed from above
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