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Three people stand on a snowfield looking up at Longs Peak. An alpenstock is planted in the snow in front of the person standing closest to the camera.
Several men and women stand on a rock overlooking a lake surrounded by pine trees. Tall peaks in the background.
A photograph of Fall River Road winding up the mountain.
Several men and women stand at the top of Flattop peak, looking at the view of the valley below. Longs Peak in the background.
Photograph of a man standing with his back to the camera on a rock overlooking the lake. A cliff face of Longs Peak above the lake.
A man and a woman on high ledge looking at Longs Peak from across the Chasm. The woman is in a light colored dress and sits on the ledge. The man is in a darker jacket and stands next to her.
A climber with ice axe and pack, standing in a snow patch on a rocky ledge.
A man standing on a narrow rock ledge.
A lake with snow patches on the far shore. The vertical wall of Long's Peak in the background.
A group of men resting in a boulder field, longs peak in the distance
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