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Three men stand on the porch of a wooden cabin. In the foreground are small pine trees. Behind them, the summit of Longs Peak
A man and a woman on high ledge looking at Longs Peak from across the Chasm. The woman is in a light colored dress and sits on the ledge. The man is in a darker jacket and stands next to her.
The rocky slope of Long's Peak, part of a small lake in the bottom right.
Photograph of a road through a small river gorge. A car with four or five people in and near it. A woman stands on a rock overlooking a river.
Photograph of a small pine tree at the top of a ridge, mountains in the background.
A man standing on a narrow rock ledge.
Several men and women stand at the top of Flattop peak, looking at the view of the valley below. Longs Peak in the background.
A tall pine tree in the foreground with a view of Long's Peak in the background.
A lake with snow patches on the far shore. The vertical wall of Long's Peak in the background.
Photograph of a man standing with his back to the camera on a rock overlooking the lake. A cliff face of Longs Peak above the lake.
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