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A man standing on a rocky high point, across a small gorge is an second rocky peak. Longs Peak in the background.
A rocky peak with patches of snow in the foreground. A second, more distant peak in the background.
Three men stand on the porch of a wooden cabin. In the foreground are small pine trees. Behind them, the summit of Longs Peak
A group of about 16 men and women are gathered around a campfire near a fallen log, some sit and others are standing. There are pots and cooking utensils on the ground among the group. Many of those seated are holding plates. Rolled up bedrolls areā€¦
Photograph of a rocky basin covered in snow.
The rocky slope of Long's Peak, part of a small lake in the bottom right.
Photograph of a small pine tree at the top of a ridge, mountains in the background.
Photograph of a road through a small river gorge. A car with four or five people in and near it. A woman stands on a rock overlooking a river.
A tall pine tree in the foreground with a view of Long's Peak in the background.
Longs Peak and Pagoda Mountain
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