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El Capitan and the bend of the Merced River in the Yosemite valley.
High contrast, portrait view of El Capitan wall with river in the foreground. Gathering low cumulus clouds over the ridge.
Portrait view of El Cap from across the river. Orographic clouds obscure the middle half of El Cap.
A color image of El Capitan against a vivid blue sky, the Yosemite Valley covered in snow.
A photograph pf the Yosemite Valley taken from the West, with Bridalveil Falls, EL Capitan and the Three Graces. The Merced River in the foreground.
Oral history interview discussing Lynn Hill’s climbing career. The conversation spans in topics from growing up in Southern California, learning to climb, and free climbing The Nose.
Mirror Lake and a rock formation in the background
Classic view of Yosemite valley. Title inscribed bottom left. Copyright annotation bottom right.
A view down the Yosemite Valley - Half Dome and El Capitan visible.
Portrait view of valley in front of El Capitan. El Cap appears in right center of frame. Viewpoint is from above El Cap.
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