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Five humans sit on a rock shelf eating lunch. One human stands in the foreground. Boats can be seen floating in a river in the left side of the image.
A boat can be seen through a gap between rock walls in the center of the image
A view of a segment of a canyon with two humans visible in the foreground.
A man lays sideways on a shelf of sandstone with holes in the formation below him.
A suspension bridge stretching over a river. The walls of the canyon in the background.
A man stands looking over a precipice, part of a ruined structure behind him.
A ruined structure nestled in the wall of a canyon.
A human on a horse stands in a sunbeam next to a large rock formation in the desert.
One person sits and a second stands in the opening of a rock arch overlooking a canyon below.
A ruined circular structure of medium height in the foreground with horse riders in the distance of the canyon.
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