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A river with a road running along it through canyon walls.
Portrait view of two men hunting in the bottom of Valdez canyon. Large pinnacle appears center background.
High contrast image of the cliff walls rising out of sight to the left. Trees in foreground.
Portrait view looking up the gorge. Falls occupy center foreground. Rock buttress appears in background.
Canyon appears in haze in the background. Foreground framed by pine trees.
Touring car containing several people drives away from camera through scree slope on one-lane gravel road. Rugged peaks occupy the background.
Portrait view of three men seated on an overhanging rock cliff.
Two men walk along the canyon floor at an unknown location. Rocky peak dominates the background.
A handfull of Yellow Pines grow from the canyon floor.
Oblique view into the canyon from a point high up on the side of one ridge. Tree right foreground. Cumulus clouds in background.
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