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Two women and a horse standing in front of a peaked wooden frame, backs to the camera. In the background are tents and forest.
A collection of five white tents with campfire smoke and laundry hung to dry. In the background Mt. Odaray.
Mount Robson photographed from near the foot of Rearguard Mountain. In the lower left corner, a tent.
A waterfall down the side of a canyon wall, a white tent below with several horses and humans. Beneath and to the left of the falls a man on a horse stands on top of a ledge, looking up at the falls.
Double exposure of humans and tents
A man sleeping under a blanket or sleeping bag, pack and boots arranged near his head. In the background a river. Ice axes are driven into a tree above him, one with a piece of clothing hanging from it.
Three men standing in front of a tent and a fourth kneeling, possibly to adjust his boots.

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Mount Bonney in the background and several tents in the foreground
A photograph of people and tents or tarps in camp
A tent is pitched on the floor of a canyon, a tall, narrow waterfall in the background. Three horses are clustered together near the tent and two men watch from below as a third climbs a rock near the falls.
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