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A collection of five white tents with campfire smoke and laundry hung to dry. In the background Mt. Odaray.
A line of ten people with packs and alpenstock ascending a glacier.
A line of 27 men and women walking across an icefield with packs and alpenstock.
About fifteen people with packs and alpenstock with mountains in background.
Roughly thirty people crossing an icefield with alpenstock and packs.
Eight people with packs and alpenstock descend a glacier.
Members of the Canadian Alpine Club standing among tents, with mountains in the background.
An Alpine Club of Canada camp with many smaller tents grouped around the large mess tent in the center
A group of small white tents with a forest and a large mountain ridge in the background
A group of men and women with alpenstock and ice axes sitting on a a small rise in the ground
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