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Throne Mountain and Oldhorn Mountain from Mount Edith Cavell, portion of the west face visible on the right. The Tonquin Valley in the background.
A view of rocky peaks and snow
Two men sitting at the base of a large tree trunk.
A man holding a rope and standing on an ice chunk which is mostly submerged in a body of water
A man with a large sack on his back laying face down over the water on a tree felled across a river
Three men in long underweaar drying their clothing over a fire in the woods

View to the Southwest from the summit of Edith Cavell, including lakes and peaks
A mountain with snow-capped peaks, a river winding through a forested valley in the foreground
Two peaks on Mount Edith Cavell the farther one covered in snow at the peak. Talus piles at the foot of the closer mountain.
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