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Dome fills most of the frame in the background. Forest floor in foreground with tall trees on both sides. Cirrus clouds above dome. Strong shadows. Foreground underexposed.
View of crevasse containing icicles.
Backlit image of falls. Cumulus clouds in haze in background. River in Foreground.
High contrast, portrait view of the falls.
Closeup of 5 men, backlit, going up the cableway, some in uniform. Objects in background partially obscured by haze.
Tuolumne Meadow in the foreground with Cathedral Peak in the background.
Portrait view of peak imperfectly reflected in foreground lake.
View of Cathedral Rocks with river in foreground. very strong reflections of background in the river. Evergreen trees on riverbanks.
Cathedral Rocks, estimated about 1/2 mile distant in the background. River in foreground. Strong reflections of Rocks in the river.
Cathedral Rocks a few hundred yards distant with river in the foreground. Evergreen trees on both banks. Flowing water.
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