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A taped conference and audience: Dick Emerson, Dick Pownall, Willi Unsoeld, Tom Hornbein, and Will Siri.
Expedition members meet in a tent and Nepali children peer in through a window.
Photograph of Nepali people standing on a terraced hillside, Jim Lester is on the left side with boxes of expedition supplies.
An orange tent with laundry drying on a line.
Photograph of two unidentified people standing with a canvas tent.
A river on the left side of the frame with a tent pitched near the bank. In the background

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A high meadow with small trees. On the left side tents and campfire smoke.

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Three men standing in front of a tent and a fourth kneeling, possibly to adjust his boots.

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A man in a hat standing in front of a tent, trees in the background

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Cathedral Peak in the distance and camp with several tents and people in the meadow in the foreground
Two men and a woman stand with their backs to the camera, one operating a movie camera pointed at a group of seven men and women standing in the midst of three white tents. A forest in the background.
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