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A suspension bridge stretching over a river. The walls of the canyon in the background.
A human silhouette standing at the brighter mouth of a canyon, framed by canyon walls.
A small river flows through canyon walls.
A small river flows through canyon walls.
One man stands in the Colorado River, using surveying equipment. A second sits on a rock nearby.
A woman stands looking at the suspension bridge to her left.
In the background is the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon
A sign behind her reads:
"Kaibab Suspension Bridge
Constructed 1921
Elev. 2500 FT.
Only one animal at a time permitted…
A man stands ankle deep in a stream at the bottom of a canyon.
A human figure in a hat is silhouetted through the opening to a cave, looking out onto the Colorado River
A man sits on a rock ledge looking over a Grand Canyon and the rock formation known as Wotans Throne
Two women and one men stand on a rock outcropping overlooking the Grand Canyon
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