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Close-up of falls from below.
Close-up abeam of falls.
Kolana Rock dominates image center. River flows in foreground. This picture appears to have been taken before Hetch Hetchy reservoir was filled.
Portrait view looking up the gorge. Falls occupy center foreground. Rock buttress appears in background.
View of dam from above the south side. Construction equipment remains on top and front of dam. Image taken about 3 weeks after Hetch Hetchy reservoir was first filled.
View of tree lined glade.
Canyon appears in haze in the background. Foreground framed by pine trees.
Panorama (Approx 4:1) of the HH valley looking west. Kolana Rock occupies center background with valley walls on both sides. Hazy.
View of river valley. Folded and eroded rocks in strong sunlight in left of frame. Other side of valley in deep shadow in right of frame.
View of peaks in strong sunlight, lit from right side. Small cumulus clouds overhead.
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