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A snow field between two peaks, shrouded by low wispy clouds

Pete Schoening, Brian Marts and Bill Long making their way down rock and ice toward the lower ridge of Long Gables

Pete Schoening, Brian Marts and Bill Long, in red parkas and backpacks, making their way down Long Gables

Brian Marts using his ice axe as he makes his way down the ice on Long Gables - to the left, Bill Long climbs down on a rock outcropping

Pete Schoening photographed from above as he looks over a ledge at the snow plain below

Pete Schoening photographed from above as he descends through rock and ice on Long Gables, two other men in the background also making their way down

Bill Long in the foreground and, behind him, a huge snow cornice

A man climbing through near-verticle ice and looking over his shoulder and below at clouds forming at the foot of the ridge on Long Gables

A climber heading up the verticle rocks of Long Gables, rope trailing behind him

Photographed from above, Phil Long descends the vertical rock face of Long Gables in a backpack holding his ice axe
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