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Photograph of unidentified climber from the back, looking out from the summits.
Photograph of a lake at the bottom of a rocky valley. "In the Hidden Valley"
Photograph of Albert Ellingwood, Elmina Buhl and Hermann Buhl standing in the snow with axes, looking at a rocky ridge to their left.
Photograph of Albert Ellingwood with Elmina Buhl, Carl Blaurock and
Photograph of Elmina Buhl sitting on a rock near a tent, possibly writing in a journal.
Photograph of Albert Ellingwood and Hermann Buhl standing by a cairn at the summits of Mount Helen.
Photograph of Albert Ellingwood, Elmina Buhl and Carl Blaurock sitting with their rope at the summits of Fremont Peak.
Photograph taken from Fremont glacier of the North face of Fremont Peak, covered in snow.
Photograph of the North Ridge of Fremont Peak.
Panoramic photograph of the view looking South from Gannett.
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