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Photograph of the South West view from the North East ridge of Fremont Peak.
Photograph of Lizard Head Peak taken from the West Saddle.
Photograph of the lake in the West Basin with Lizard Head Peak in the background.
Photograph of Albert R. Ellingwood standing near a cairn on the top of Lizard Head
Photograoh of an unidentified climber standing on a glacier near a high saddle.
Photograph of snow covered rocks on Fremont glacier.
Photograph of Albert Ellingwood and Carl Blaurock standing on the rocks on the summits of Harding with a cairn between them.
Photograph of two unidentified climbers from the back, sitting on rock outcroppings and admiring the view of the valley below them and mountain range in the distance.
Photograph of an unidentified climber on Gannett Peak taken from the North ridge of Mount Helen.
Photograph of a camp in the woods near a stone outcropping.
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