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Photograph of Pigeon Peak and Turret Peak from Mount Eolus.
Photograph of peaks nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4 from the South East Ridge of Gannett Peak.
Panorama phorograph of peaks in the Wind River Range, from Knife Point to Chimney Rock.
Photograph of an unidentified climber, taken from the neck down, standing on a nearly vertical rock wall on the North ridge of Mt. Helen.
Photograph of an unidentified climber on Gannett Peak taken from the North ridge of Mount Helen.
Photograph of a climber standing on a balanced rock on Grizzly Peak. Dudley Smith on a rock on Grizly.
Photograph of the South West view from the North East ridge of Fremont Peak.
Photograph of Lizard Head Peak taken from the West Saddle.
Photograph of the lake in the West Basin with Lizard Head Peak in the background.
Photograph of snow covered rocks on Fremont glacier.
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