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A photograph of Lizard's Head peak taken from a wooded slope, footprints in the snow leading away from the peak.
A man in a hat leading two pack horses by the reins through knee deep snow. Mountains in the background.
A pond with densely wooded banks, covered in lily pads.
Photograph of a man and a dog sitting on a rock near a pine tree, looking at the view.
A photograph of a man with his back to the camera, standing on a ledge and holding on to the rock behind him as he leans forward to get a better view of the lake far below.
A photograph of seven people on the glacier, taken from a distance.
A tall rock face rises above a high lake.
Heavy snow bends vegetation in the foreground. Mountains occupy the background.
Two evergreen trees in foreground frame the snow-covered mountain in the background. Orographic clouds occupy the valleys.
View of crevasse containing icicles.
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