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Man standing on flowstone covered slope next to crude ladder.
Two men seated on cave floor with calcite formations surrounding them. Cave passage recedes in the background.
Creek flows toward camera in the foreground. Folded and deformed rocks that form the pass are in haze in the background.
View up the canyon of the Kaweah Peaks Ridge. Ridge occupies center of image in background. Krummholtz trees stand in left foreground. Strong shadows.
View of peaks in strong sunlight, lit from right side. Small cumulus clouds overhead.
View of river valley. Folded and eroded rocks in strong sunlight in left of frame. Other side of valley in deep shadow in right of frame.
Three men with hats stand on the original wooden staircase (replaced in 1931) ascending Moro Rock.
View of Moro Rock from adjoining ridge. Strong shadows. This image was taken before the wooden staircase was installed in 1917. See identifier P1.CA8.044.
Portrait view of granite dome taken from ridge behind Moro Rock. Strong sunlight/shadows. Haze in background.
Snow covered slopes of Mount
Kaweah occupy background in left, left center of image. Man wearing a hat is seated on large scree blocks looking away from camera in right, lower right foreground.
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