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REI aluminum carabiner. Maker's mark 'RECREATIONAL EQUIPMENT INC' stamped on one side.

Pierre Allain aluminum carabiner. Maker's mark 'P. ALLAIN 1600KG' stamped on one side, reverse side stamped 'BREVETE S.G.D.G.' (sans garantie du gouvernement), which translates from the French to 'Patent without government guarantee'. Exact dateā€¦

Oval shaped steel carabiner with screw gate. Unknown manufacturer.

Cassin steel carabiner. Maker's mark 'CASSIN ITALY' stamped on one side, reverse side stamped 'CARICO.MINIMO ROTTURA KG.1800'.

D-shaped steel carabiner, heavily used and rusted. Yellow paint worn off on clip. Unknown manufacturer.
A man climbing a rock face
Pete Schoening photographed from above as he descends through rock and ice on Long Gables, two other men in the background also making their way down
A climber heading up the verticle rocks of Long Gables, rope trailing behind him
Photographed from above, Phil Long descends the vertical rock face of Long Gables in a backpack holding his ice axe
Pete Schoening, photographed from below, climbing up a verticle face on Long Gables
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