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A forested hillside in the background, with a sign reading "Summit of Yellowhead Pass and Past Boundary of British Columbia. Elevation 3720 ft above sea level"
Seven people standing near the bottom of a valley, Neptuak Mountain and Wenkchemna Peak on either side and the top of Curtis Peak visible over the top of the pass.
Snow patches on the Toulumne Pass, a mountain range in the distance.
The view North of Abbot Pass, towards Lake Louise
Several horses on the summit of Junction Pass
Heavily laden horses and mules traverse the pass in deep snow. Muleskinners accompany the animals. Bright cumulus clouds in the background.
Expedition party showing about two dozen people and about 12 pack animals in the foreground. University Peak upper left in background. Taken from nearly the same location as image P1.CA1.075.
A group of women and men walking across a snowfield below rocky slopes.
A line of pack animals and riders making their way along a zig-zagging path down a rocky cliff face.
A rocky pass with vertical rock face on the left
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