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Mountaineers making their way up a steep slope using rope, ice axes and ice steps
Three men in red parkas roped together as they walk up a snow covered ridge
Two men on an icy hump standing with rope and packs with an ice axe stuck in the ice - partially silhouetted against a plain of snow in the distance
Two mountaineers in backpacks, roped together and holding tow ice axes each, crossing a plane of ice
Three men in red parkas making their way up a steep, snow covered slope with ice axes and rope
A man silhouetted against the brighter face of Tyree, tracks in the snow leading back toward the camera
John Evans cutting into the snow pack with an ice axe, two other men standing in the background
Three men anchoring a tent in the snow on an incline
A man, roped off and carrying a backpack, climbing up over the apex of a ridge
Barry Corbet harnessed and strapped to a complicated rope set up, connected to a rock face in front of him - an ice axe placed in the snow
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