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A man in red climbing to a rock ledge
A man in red climbing to a rock ledge, while a second man in blue waits on the ledge
Nicholas Clinch wearing his backpack and sitting in a boulder field near his ice axe. A woman in a hat sits nearby and many porters in the background.
A man with a rucksack, rope and ice axe looking at Gasherbrun IV
A man in red with back to the camera and his ice axe planted in the snow looks at the view across glacial seracs at Gasherbrun IV and Gasherbrum V
A man in a blue parka climbing a snowy slope, photographed from above
A photo of a camp, taken from above, with many porters and mountaineers sitting on slopes or standing among tents and supply crates.
A man standing in front of a tent with glacier goggles around his neck and peaks in the background

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A group of men sitting around an area where a man is spray painting the words "Welcome Fosco!" on a boulder in yellow.
A man in a red plaid shirt sitting at the edge of a crevasse holding a small metal cup of liquid

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