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A climber with ice axe and pack, standing in a snow patch on a rocky ledge.
A group of men resting in a boulder field, longs peak in the distance
The view up Glacier Gorge with Longs Peak on the left and thatchtop on the right
Several people walking across a snowy field toward the West face of Longs Peak
Longs Peak Boulderfield L16
Nick Clinch sitting on a precipice with Longs Peak in the background
Longs Peak and Pagoda Mountain
A group of about 16 men and women are gathered around a campfire near a fallen log, some sit and others are standing. There are pots and cooking utensils on the ground among the group. Many of those seated are holding plates. Rolled up bedrolls areā€¦
A photograph of Fall River Road winding up the mountain.
A man standing on a rocky high point, across a small gorge is an second rocky peak. Longs Peak in the background.
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