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A photograph taken down a mountain slope dotted with trees, a small glacial lake at the bottom.
A photograph down a valley towards a lake.
View looking southwest toward Laurel Mountain and Bloody Mountain. Shows west end of Convict Lake with mountains and canyon in the background, trees and scrub in the foreground. Weak shadows. Clearly visible synclines and anticlines in theā€¦
View of pinnacles looking southwest with lake in foreground. Moderate shadows. Strong reflections in lake. Numerous snow couloirs in pinnacles. Debris fields at the bottom of the couloirs.
Lake in foreground; peak in background, both framed by conifers.
Sepia colored print of lake, trees, peaks, and cumulus clouds.
Portrait view of peak imperfectly reflected in foreground lake.
Mirror Lake and a rock formation in the background
The view from a mountain, a biplane flying past and a lake in the valley below.
Mount Rixford in the background and reflected in Rae Lake.
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